Home is Where The Heels Are


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Help us reach our goal of getting 10,000 signatures and bringing the heels back to the roads leading to Carolina’s campus. We need your support to reimplement this design, welcoming past, present, and future Tar Heels home. This petition was created by a group of students interested in the return of the elusive blue Tar Heel feet in Chapel Hill.

Thank you for stepping in the right direction with us!

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Our story begins in 1982 with a shot by the greatest of all time. As it went down, streets were rushed, bonfires lit, confetti thrown, and a banner was raised. As the streets eventually cleared, something was left behind – massive Tar Heel footprints painted on each of the main roads leading into campus. Each artery to the heart of campus was now marked, leading our fans home, while signaling to those who oppose us what lay ahead. Sadly, just as Franklin Street returned to normal, slowly the roads with these heels did too. Soon, those Tar Heels were nothing more than a myth, an urban legend, forgotten to the majority of fans despite the pride and joy they brought to those fortunate enough to see them. But this is not where our story ends. Let’s bring the Heels back. This time, instead of celebrating a national championship, let’s celebrate UNC for everything it is. Home to some of the greatest athletes to ever play and home to some of the sharpest minds this planet has to offer. Home to those shaping the present and those that will shape the future. Home to the blue cup, and home to the walls lined with pictures of family, friends, and fans. Home to the born and bred, home to you, and home to me, because home, home is where the heels are.